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After reviewing all of the prime factors downloads, Facebook likes, ratings, online research and analysis, we have create a well defined list of top 10 best and free antivirus software that you can download or purchase to keep your OS or important database virus or malware free. The following list of 10 antivirus also based on the international rankings what these softwares have been claimed so far since their existence like whom one is used and liked most and which one is mostly recommended by the experts plus users:

1. Microsoft Security Essentials: It is the antivirus software which was launched by the Microsoft almost two or three years back and still available online of free downloadthe software is still considered to be a secure and best suit for 2012 PC Internet world or PC security. Testing the software for any of the specification like less heavy, security issues, interactive interface, updates, support, and especially in case of Windows, the MSE proves as a masterpiece and heart winning antivirus. Available free at Microsoft’s official website, and with the best and interesting feature of it to get updated automatically with the new features and necessary upgrades.
2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus: In the big load of available antivirus, we recommends Kaspersky at second position, the software has a special servers for its required files like MSE it also supports and gains the similar star rating but the suit is quite heavy and slows the PC process. Kaspersky comes with an hourly virus definition update which helps you to keep update and catches all possible viruses.
3.  BitDefender Antivirus: Next we have BitDefender in the list of popular antivirus, it offers a P2P (Peer 2 Peer) File Sharing with a Registry Startup Protection but the one thing where it get defeat is its inability to scan email messages. It provides hourly definition updates for latest threats. BitDefender provides a safe virus scanning feature in gaming mode also you can download Bitdefender’s full version freely online.
4. Norton Antivirus/ Internet Security: One of the most popular and could be say the first one antivirus to opted by old internet players but due to its heavy setup it slows the OS performance upto a noticeable level. In its latest version, it has special offer for the game lovers and the version known as Norton Gaming Edition. With a P2P File Sharing and Registry Startup Protection, it comes offers a daily virus definition update. The users can download it from Norton’s official website or the existing users can also download its update file.
5. Avast! Antivirus:  Next antivirus lined up in the top 10 list is, Avast with an attractive voice alerts and strong security features, the software has been collected a lot of positive reposes from the users and experts as well. Some of the prime features awarded by the Avast includes Antivirus and anti-spyware engine, Real-time anti-rootkit protection, Boot-time scanner, Avast! SafeZone™, Auto Sandbox, Avast! Real-time Shields like, Mail Shield, Web Shield Behaviour Shield and Network Shield.

6. AVG Antivirus: One of the oldest and trustable antivirus available online, in its latest version, it has showed a quite interactive user interface with a core scanning engine to be stand or support a  fast scanning performance with latest multi-core processors available now days. In a bid to ensure a best possible security for your device and data, the AVG Antivirus now comes with two separate applications  one is AVG anti-spyware and second is AVG Antirootkit.

7. Avira Free Antivirus: If you are having a low disk space or do  not want to spent a lot of disk space  for an antivirus then Avira AntiVir could be the nest option available for you. It also keeps your PC performance as fast as it can because like others this antivirus doesn’t take affect your CPU’s processing speed. Anti Phishing, Anti Vir Pro Activ, Web Guard protection and Anti Drive, Mail are some of its key features which declares it as a strong anti-virus for the internet systems or offline PCs as well.
8. Panda Cloud Antivirus: Embedded by an UltraFast scan engine which upgrades its scanning  speed upto 30% as compared to other antivirus applications. Some of the prime features which it offers we have listed below:
  • Identity protection through Anti-Phishing Filter and Anti-Banking Trojans Engine
  • Panda Antivirus has an advanced heuristic scan which maximum possible identity theft
  • Inbuilt Personal Firewall
9. Comodo Antivirus:  The software has been earned a large collection of positive reviews from its online users and is being adopted by the most of the PC computer system users worldwide. Also it is available in free, paid and full version. With a heartthrobing Firewall application, the antivirus provides a rigid and updated protection to your PC for all types of online viruses like hacking attempts, spamming, viruses, phishing, malwares and Trojans Horse etc.
10.  ESET NOD32 Antivirus: This one of the most recommended antivirus software with tremendous security features, some of them are listed below:
  • It blocks all attempts to collect and forward your personal and confidential data
  • Provides best protection against zero day threat and attacks
  • Virus definition updates comes in very small size compared to others
  • Multi layered protection including real-time email scanning

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